Hi, I'm Griffin Caprio, founder and president of 1530 Technologies, Inc. We help solve your problems using technology. That's it. I could go on and on about culture, our unique approach and razor sharp smarts, but I won't. That's all marketing speak anyway. Instead, I'll tell you that we are real people, just like you. We don't like to be disappointed or talked down to and we expect that our clients want the same.

our services

1530 Technologies, Inc. is a customer focused solutions company. That means your problems get solved first. Sometimes that means a lot of work for us and, frankly, sometimes it doesn't. That's ok with us. We're in this for the happy customers, not a quick buck. Some of the solutions we excel at providing are:

  • Building that mobile iPhone / iPod Touch application you've always wanted.
  • Creating a beautiful web application to solve that one problem that's eating away at you.
  • Crafting together a fast, usable mobile web site so anyone with a smartphone can sing your praises.

See? No excuses, no geek speak. Just solutions, in plain english.

about us

I wish I could tell you about how I founded 1530 Technologies, Inc. in 2008. About how we have been providing the Chicago area with a technology pillar since then. But I can't. That implies that we're new at this. In all honesty, I've been helping people with their technology needs for over 15 years. What started in a basement, building computers for friends, has grown in a personal and professional reputation that's respected across the country.

When we bring on a new client, we're placing our reputation on the line. That's why you're not hiring a nameless, faceless corporation. You're hiring me, Griffin Caprio, and people I trust.

some of our clients